All about the St Wenn Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan


Following the community consultations in spring 2020 and pre-submission draft Consultation from during winter 2020/2021  the St Wenn Neighbourhood Development Plan [NDP] was amended to respond to the many comments received, and then submitted to Cornwall Council,

Cornwall Council, as the local planning authority, is responsible for seeing the Plan through its next stages. These include legal checks which tthe NDP passed recently, and a further period of consultation which started on 7th July 2021.

HOW TO MAKE A COMMENT: Please click here: Submitted St Wenn NDP Reg 16 Consultation

If that does not work, please click here: Online Planning Register . It should open in a new browser tab. Then please enter the following reference: PA21/00013/NDP.

You can find the full set of submitted documents under the ‘Documents’ tab. To make a comment, please go to the ‘Comments Tab’ and select ‘Make a Comment’ and then follow the instructions provided. The closing date for comments is Monday 13th September 2021.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Cornwall Council will arrange for an assessment of the NDP and al the comments made on it. This will be by an independent expert Examiner. Subject to the outcome of the Examination, Cornwall Council will then arrange the local referendum. Everyone on the electoral roll in St Wenn Parish will have a vote on whether or not the Plan should be adopted and used to make local planning decisions.

WHY ARE WE MAKING A NEIGHBOURHOOD DEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR ST WENN PARISH? St Wenn Parish is a quiet, small community, occupying homes in a scatter of small settlements, set in attractive agricultural countryside, with many heritage and natural features of considerable interest. The people who live in the area really value its tranquil atmosphere and interesting landscape.

But there are challenges: the affordability of housing, low local wages, very poor access to services, poor design of new development, the growing number of older people within our community, and of  course the need to respond to the causes and effects of the global climate crisis, to name but a few.

We need tackle these challenges so that our present needs are met without harming the ability of future generations to meet their needs…that’s what ‘Sustainable Development’ is all about. And ‘sustainable development’ is  what the St Wenn Neighbourhood Development Plan is all about!

The writing of the St Wenn Neighbourhood Development Plan is the opportunity for everyone in the Parish to have a real say as to how sustainable development will be done locally. It’s a new type of plan that has come about from the Localism Act 2011 which gives everyone who lives in a local area the democratic right to be involved in drawing up the plan. What’s more, the plan has to be agreed through a local referendum, in which everyone on the electoral roll gets a vote. If the vote is in favour, the Neighbourhood Plan is ‘made’ in law and cannot be ignored when planning applications are decided by Cornwall Council, Planning Inspectors, or the Government.

A Neighborhood Development Plan can control the way that land is used, for example how new housing should look, or help to attract new business and jobs. It can also protect green spaces and identify new areas for leisure. It can set standards for low-carbon development, and influence where renewable energy generators are placed. And it can do all that from a local viewpoint, helping to guide the way the higher level county-wide and national planning policies are applied in St Wenn Parish.

You can find out more about Sustainable Development by following this link: Climate Change and Neighbourhood Planning.