Referendum is on 8th September 2022

The referendum to decide if the Neighbourhood Plan should come into force will be held on 8th September 2022. All electors in the parish should recieve a letter from Cornwall Council with full details.

Detailed infomation notes from Cornwall Council can be seen by clicking on the links below:

Examiner Recommends the St Wenn Plan.

Following the consultations carried out in 2020 and 2021, the Independent Examiner, Deborah McCann BSc MRICS MRTPI Dip Arch Con Dip LD, has recomended to Cornwall Council that the St Wenn Neighbourhood Plan meets the ‘Basic Conditions’ and should go to referendum of the people of the parish.

She recomended only a few modifications. These include the removal of the ‘principal residency’ policy to control second homes, on which she said that:

‘After much deliberation and on balance I have concluded that whilst I understand the concern expressed by the community, I have not been provided with sufficient evidence to satisfy me that the imposition of Policy 19 is justified. It may be that at some time in the future second home ownership becomes more problematic with a greater impact on house prices, the sustainability of the local economy and community and at that point it would be appropriate to carry out a review of the plan’.

The Examiner also amended the policy on renewable energy in relation to wind turbines, so the Plan will now rely on the new and more up-to-date Cornwall Climate Emergency Development Plan to manage that issue.

You can see the full report here:

St Wenn Parish draft Neighbourhood Development Plan now published for community comments.

Following the high level of response to the detailed community survey of St Wenn Parish residents and businesses held earlier in 2020, the Steering Group acting on behalf of the St Wenn Parish Council have published the first draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan for the area. When it is finally agreed the Plan must be taken into account when planning applications are decided by Cornwall Council, Planning Inspectors, or the Government.

Steering Group chairman Colin Shapter said ‘It’s a new type of plan that has come about from the Localism Act 2011. It gives everyone who lives in the parish the democratic right to be involved in drawing it up, and when it’s written, the plan has to be agreed through a local referendum, in which everyone on the local electoral roll gets a vote’.

‘The writing of the St Wenn Neighbourhood Development Plan is the opportunity for everyone in the Parish to have a real say as to how sustainable development will be done locally – for example how new housing should look, the type of new business and jobs, protecting Greenland recreation spaces. It can also set standards for low-carbon development, and influence where renewable energy generators are placed. It can do all that from a local viewpoint, helping to guide the way the higher level county-wide and national planning policies are applied in St Wenn Parish’.

An explanatory leaflet is being distributed to every household in the Parish and residents, businesses and other interested parties are asked to view the new Plan online and then to comment on its proposals and policies. Colin added ‘Because of Covid we can’t hold the ‘drop-in’ sessions and public meetings we were planning, but instead are extending the consultation period through to 11th January 2021, and sending the summary leaflet to as many people as we can reach. All the documents are on our website –

Please let us know if you need to see a printed copy of the full document and we will do our best to get a copy to you by post’.


Community Survey Forms Delivered

Today, 7th February community survey forms were delivered to 149 households/businesses around St Wenn Parish. Please reply on line using our e-form if you can, as it will save on costs and time for everybody. The form is here: Community Survey

Our aim was to deliver a form to every household and business in the Parish, but if we have missed your address please let us know through the ‘Contact Us’ page on this website, and we will get one to you as soon as we can.

Everyone in a household is entitled to take part, so you can do multiple entries on line, or contact us and we will arrange for more forms to be delivered. Alternatively you can download a form and print it.

The closing date for replies is 6th March 2020.