Strategic Environment Assessment Screening Opinion

During the summer of 2020 Cornwall Council was asked to ‘screen’ the St. Wenn Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) to see whether the plan requires Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) or Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA.) 

As required by the SEA regulations Cornwall Council produced a screening opinion report for the NDP and consulted the statutory bodies: Natural England, Historic England and the Environment Agency. Natural England was also asked to confirm whether or not HRA was required under the HRA directive. 

Based on an appraisal of the sensitivity of the local environment, the scale and location of development proposed in the draft plan and the strategic and local policy framework, Cornwall Council is of the opinion that the St. Wenn Parish NDP is unlikely to have significant effects on the environment. HRA and SEA is therefore not required. This view has been confirmed by the consultation bodies.

A copy of the SEA/HRA Screening is available here:

SEA Screening Opinion

SEA/HRA Screening Report