Evidence Base

The St Wenn NDP must be based on good evidence that justifies the planning policy it will contain.

This evidence is in three forms:

This evidence has to be carefully studied and weighed-up to show what future Planning policy should try to achieve for the healthy future of the area.

This evidence is in three forms:

1. The views of local people on what are the most important local issues and how Planning should deal with them. A community survey is taking place from 7th February to 6th March 2020.

2. National and Cornwall planning policies, and other statutory documents

3. Information about the area such as it’s population, economy, natural and man-made environment, local services etc.

On this page you can find links to all the evidence that has been collected and analysed to help form the St Wenn NDP.

St Wenn NDP Evidence Baseline Report – this is a live document that updates frequently. Current version is version 8.

St Wenn Community Survey Results and Analysis

St Wenn Design Code

National Planning Policy Framework 2019

Cornwall Local Plan 2016

Cornwall Local Plan 2016 – Community Network Area Sections

Cornwall Local Plan Policy Maps

Cornwall Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document

National Design Guide

Draft Cornwall Design Guide

Cornwall Council Planning for Biodiversity Guidance

Biodiversity Net Gain in Cornwall

Cornwall Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Mapping

Cornwall Climate Emergency Development Plan Document

Cornwall CPO Advice Note on Biodiversity Gain

Cornwall CPO Advice Note on Infill/Rounding Off

Draft Cornwall Streetscape Guide

Trees in the Cornish Landscape

Cornwall CPO Advice Note Good Design in Cornwall

Living with Beauty – BBBC Report

National Model Design Code

Manual for Streets

Cornwall Renewable Energy Planning Advice

Annex 1: An assessment of the landscape sensitivity to on-shore wind energy and large-scale photovoltaic development in Cornwall

Appendix 1: Landscape Sensitivity and Strategy Matrices for each Landscape Character Area – (Please note: this is a large document, could take a while to download)

Annex 2: Cumulative Impact Assessment Guidance for Cornwall – Wind Turbines

Annex 3: Cumulative Impact Assessment Guidance for Cornwall – Solar Farms

Cornwall Climate Action Plan 2019

Morasses, Moors and Marshes

Rosennanon Downs Archaeological Assessment